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Heat Mirror

Control the sun for cool comfort and savings.

15-layered Sputtering Coated With Nano-film Technology.

Heat mirror film provides maximum protection with high heat rejection perfor mance. For a comfortableness and solar protection in your vehicle, at work or at home, it is smart choice to choose V-TECH heat mirror. By spectrally selective technology, it offers outstanding optical clarity, industry leading color stability and durability, scratch-resistance with hard coating. This 15 layers of sputter coated Heat Mirror film with German technology not only keeps interior illumination, but blocks IR rays up to 98%.

Features and Benefits

  • Providing protection from excessive heat and harmful UV rays
  • Saving above 30% on cooling and heating costs
  • Minimizing UV health risk to skin and eyes
  • Reducing interior fading
  • Exceptional optical clarity

Heat Mirror

농도 Performance (%) Warranty
40 42 6 99 98 life time
70 72 9 99 97
Heat Mirror 40
Heat Mirror 70